What Is Major Health Issues Caused Due To Exposure Of Molds?

Molds can be found everywhere- in various surfaces and even in air. It is a type of harmful fungi found both within the indoor and outdoor. Molds generally grow on a surface which has lots of moisture. Human beings can also get affected due to exposure of mold and thereby experience various types of health issues. Below have been discussed some of the major Mold Health Issues that effects human beings who are extremely sensitive to this harmful fungi.  Homeowners can test for mold in their homes or offices with Mold Test Kits available at Contractor-Books.com.

mold growth conditions

1. Sinus Congestion

This is certainly one of the common health issues in human beings due to exposure of mold. Sinus Congestion generally happens when nasal passage within the body gets inflamed or swollen. This generally happens due the molds that inflates the linings around the sinus cavities. If this health issue persists for a longer period of time then a person may also experience severe headache, throat pain, breathing problem etc.

2. Eye Irritation or allergies

This is also one of the common Mold Health Issues that a person faces due to exposure of molds. This generally occurs when immune system of the body deteriorates and thereby it reacts with the unwanted fungi to cause swollen eyes and even itchiness. A harmful chemical known as histamine is released from the body due to this reaction and thereby affects the blood vessels within the eyes.

3. Asthma

According to studies, it has been found that growth of molds within the indoor and even outdoor is certainly one of the vital reasons behind asthma. These generally happens when spores from the body of mold is carried away in the air. When a person inhales the spores, a specific reaction occurs within the body which results to asthma.

4. Infection in Upper Respiratory Tract

This is also one of the common health issues among the people who are exposed to harmful molds. This issue generally occurs when the immune system of the human body is suppressed by the production of mycotoxins. These harmful toxins are present on the body of molds and generally get inside the human body during the process of inhalation.

5. Epistaxis or Nose bleeding

Epistaxis is also one of the common health issues faced by the people who are exposed to molds. This generally happens when the tiny capillaries inside the nasal passage gets swollen and thereby starts emitting bloods. This disease is extremely common among the various children in different parts of the world.

6. Lots of headache

It is also one of the common health issues among the people who are exposed to harmful molds. The allergic reaction due to the molds gives rise to lots of headache.

These are some of the major Mold Health Issues among the people in New York and on Long Island. In order to get rid of this health issues in a smart way, make sure to keep the indoor of the house moisture free. NYC mold removal specialists should be called in for air quality testing nyc in order to insure that all mold spores have been removed from your home. It will also be wise to clean the porous materials quite often in order to prevent growth of these harmful fungi. Molds are present everywhere so make sure to get rid of dampness and humidity in order to prevent these health issues.

If your mold problems are the result of water damage, there are several resources available to learn more about mold inspection and remediation because of the potential for hidden structural problems that can be caused by standing water